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Cato SASE and the changing WAN Landscape

A Gartner ratified commercial technology platform

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What is Cato SASE ?

SASE (Secure Access Service Edge) was introduced by Gartner in 2019 as an infrastructure category and framework. It is an unprecedented convergence of critical Networking and Security functions within a ubiquitous cloud platform, managed through a single intuitive interface.

As SASE pioneers, in 2015 Cato Networks created the world’s first SASE platform as an affordable MPLS alternative, with the aim of helping clients to complete a tailored MPLS to SD-WAN migration towards unprecedented network and security visibility, control, and flexibility. But note SASE is so much more than just secure cloud-based SD-WAN. SASE is a timely convergence of critical Network and Security Functions, from SD-WAN optimisation to Firewall as a Service, from Zero Trust Network Access to Network as a Service, and more. All manageable through a single interface. Allowing you to deliver either a Regional SASE solution or a Global SASE solution, based on your business model and needs.

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With many years of delivering networking and security solutions, Our 3rd line support services are outstanding and help clients to fault-find and address mission critical application and infrastructure issues.

SASE Security

CATO SASE, a leader in Secure Access Service Edge (SASE), revolutionises SD WAN managed services. Back in 2015, Cato Networks introduced the world's first SASE platform, offering an affordable MPLS alternative. This transition assists clients in migrating from MPLS to SD WAN services, granting them unparalleled network and security visibility, control, and flexibility. Yet, CATO SASE encompasses more than secure cloud-based SD WAN. It unites crucial Network and Security Functions, such as SD WAN optimisation, Firewall as a Service, Managed SD WAN, and Zero Trust Network Access, all provided under Network as a Service. These services are easily managed through a user-friendly interface, enabling businesses to deploy regional or global SASE solutions, tailored to their specific needs, ensuring data security and network efficiency.

Effortless Transition with CATO SASE

Experience a seamless shift from traditional MPLS to CATO SASE's cutting-edge SD WAN managed services. Offering an affordable MPLS alternative, it liberates businesses from legacy constraints while providing the advantages of SD WAN services. Beyond a mere technological shift, this transition is a strategic move toward a future-proof network infrastructure. Clients enjoy unprecedented visibility into their network and security landscape, navigating the digital age with confidence.

User-Friendly Solutions with CATO SASE

CATO SASE's user-friendly interface simplifies the management of its robust suite of services, including SD WAN services, managed SD WAN, and SASE security. Businesses effortlessly deploy regional or global SASE solutions tailored to their needs, prioritizing data security. CATO SASE ensures a smooth transition from MPLS, leading clients toward enhanced network efficiency and security—a step into a dynamic and resilient digital future.

We are partners with Cato Networks, with the aim of delivering a class leading SASE solution.

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Why does SASE matter and how will it benefit your business? A Gartner ratified commercial technology platform


Rapid migration refers to the significant and often sudden movement of a large number of people from one place to another within a relatively short period of time. There can be various reasons behind rapid migration, including economic, social, political, and environmental factors.
Cloud data centre integration refers to the process of connecting or integrating on-premises data centres with cloud-based infrastructure and services.
It involves leveraging the capabilities and resources of cloud providers to augment or replace traditional data centre infrastructure and operations.
Cloud applications, also known as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications, are software programs that are hosted and accessed over the internet. These applications run on remote servers and users can access them using a web browser or a thin client.
WAN (Wide Area Network) architecture refers to the design and structure of a network that connects multiple geographically dispersed locations. It enables organisation's to interconnect their branch offices, data centres, and other remote sites to facilitate communication, data transfer, and resource sharing across the network.
Global connectivity refers to the state of being interconnected on a global scale, particularly in terms of communication and information exchange. It refers to the ability of individuals, organisations, and countries to connect and interact with each other across geographical boundaries using various technologies and communication networks.

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