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In 2020 Qcom were approached by a large global pharmaceuticals company. The brief was to help them update their business telephony solution. They were using a Cisco VoIP system which was expensive, not very flexible and difficult to administer. It also posed a risk to their business continuity as it was a single point of failure and Cisco had stopped supporting it.

The client was reviewing alternatives including upgrading their existing VoIP platform. They needed the system to give them the following:

  • Resiliency
  • Scalability
  • Separate billing for each business unit
  • Support remote working in the wake of the Covid pandemic
  • Cost effective

After assessing the client’s needs and the way they operate, Qcom set upon designing a solution that would fulfil the client’s requirements.

The client wanted to test the system and add some additional functionality that their previous system was not able to provide. After a period of testing, Qcom rolled out the solution to a small number of users. The trial was successful, and the hosted VoIP solution was rolled out to several different sites during 2020 and the early part of 2021. The VoIP solution was able to scale very quickly, and changes were easily made as the service included 24x7 support.

As a result, the client now has lower costs and are working closely with Qcom to deploy the solution across even more sites.

Qcom helped us replace our legacy, on-site hardware VoIP system with their hosted VoIP platform. This was rolled out across multiple sites in the UK & Ireland. This gave us more features, greater flexibility for remote working and we were able to use a mix of softphones and hardware handsets. During the pandemic we needed to scale up massively and with Qcom, we were able to do this very quickly. The system is backed up by Qcom’s 24x7 support so if we ever have any queries, they are on hand to help us within a matter of minutes. Highly recommend working with Qcom as they deliver a great service from start to finish.

Deliverable Scope

For a few years now, Qcom have been working closely with a large international manufacturing company. The initial project was to connect multiple global offices to a common network from which an application was being served. This included supplying gateway firewalls for each site, deploying them and the ongoing support and management. As well as the technical challenges of implementing a solution across multiple offices, there was also challenges when coordinating multiple IT staff across the world.

Subsequent projects have included cloud application migrations, vulnerability assessments, security audits and network consultancy. Qcom are on hand on a 24x7 basis to support the network and security infrastructure. The client can rest assured that their mission critical applications are always available and users from around the world can connect securely.

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