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Why you
need Qcom

Problem solvers. Innovators. Technology lovers.

We are a digital transformation specialist, Our goal is
to help companies redesign their future to reach their full potential.

The Qcom Story

Since our establishment over a decade ago, our goal has always been to help businesses to achieve their IT goals and surpass them, reaching heights they didn’t think were possible.

We’re more than just consultants. We have a team of experts who take the time to understand you and your business before designing a solution.

Care is in our culture.

The projects we have helped clients with in the past have enabled them to cut costs, be more productive, work more flexibly and secure their data. These projects include software testing, cybersecurity, network design and deployment, migrating to cloud environments, telecommunications, enabling remote working and managed services, and many more.

The Qcom Vision

When we work with technology and not against it.

Our passion for technology and the boundless opportunities of the modern era drives our approach. We stay at the forefront of innovation, consistently seeking fresh ways to implement the latest tech and maximise its potential. Our mission is to transfer this expertise to you, creating a culture of embracing the new to not just meet but surpass our collective goals, leaving behind a legacy of exceptional IT.

Business Growth

Scalability is important so we also
make sure that your solution is
scalable, and most importantly, created
with business growth as a priority.

Results Driven

Our services are designed with you in
mind, so whatever your business
goals are, you’ll receive a result driven
solution that’s tailored to you.

24/7 Support

After deployment, our promise
to you is regular reviews and reports,
and 24/7 round the clock support so
that if something happens, we’re
always on hand to put it right
before it becomes a real issue.

Our vision is simple

We want to help businesses like yours to embrace the newest tech. Enabling you to compete effectively in today’s world.

We want to help you grow a better business and achieve all of your IT goals.


We have many years of experience in helping organisations of various sizes, and across many verticals to develop a strategy, implement technology and manage solutions.

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