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Connect With Your Team Worldwide

No matter how far or near, connect with your team as easily as you would in the office!

Remote working can be a headache, and it can be difficult to get the whole team on the same page, Our hosted VoIP solutions take care of everything

Fully flexible
and scalable

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is a highly convenient and cost-effective method of making calls. At VoIP Experts, we offer a reliable internet phone solution that meets all your business needs. Our hosted VoIP phone system keeps you connected and takes the stress out of your working day, with no expensive hardware or setup fees and competitive call rates. Our solutions are feature-rich, fully flexible and scalable, with call rates starting as low as 0.01p per minute for landlines. We can also tailor a call package to suit your specific needs, ensuring that your phone bills always stay the same. Our customers have saved up to 40% on their phone bills with our services.

Hosted phone solutions, as you’ve read, is the solution you and many other businesses have been looking for. Our hosted VoIP systems won’t only be cost-effective for you but are easy to use, integrate with many popular applications, and you will have a highly trained team of experts ready to provide you with support whenever you need it.


With over 15 years of business telephony experience, VoIP Experts offers the highest qualified support for your hosted VoIP business phone system. We have extensive knowledge of hosted voice solutions and understand the advantages that a good hosted VoIP system can bring to your organisation. Unlike other providers, we do not have any hidden costs and offer a range of contract lengths to suit your preferences. Our world-class team of engineers will fully support and manage everything for you.Seamlessly connect and collaborate from anywhere with our tailored cloud based phone system for small and large businesses.

VoIP solutions will enable you to work more efficiently, collaboratively, and effectively, regardless of your location or team size. Choose VoIP Experts to benefit from a fully flexible and scalable VoIP phone system that will meet all your business communication needs.

So, what are you waiting for? Stop Googling business-hosted VoIP providers and get in touch today!

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VoIP solution will help you work more efficiently, more collaboratively and more effectively, no matter where you and your team are.


With a hosted VoIP solution, businesses can easily add or remove phone lines as their needs change. This means that companies can scale their phone systems up or down depending on their current needs, without having to worry about the technical details of managing the system.
Hosted VoIP solutions are often less expensive than traditional phone systems, as they don't require businesses to purchase and maintain expensive hardware. In addition, many providers offer pay-as-you-go pricing plans, allowing businesses to only pay for the services they use.
With a hosted VoIP solution, employees can use their phones from anywhere with an internet connection, making remote work and mobile office setups more feasible. This can increase productivity and flexibility for both employees and businesses.
Hosted VoIP solutions often use high-quality, dedicated networks to ensure the best possible call quality. This can help businesses provide better customer service and reduce frustration for both employees and customers.
Hosted VoIP solutions often come with a range of advanced features, such as call reporting, call recording, and call routing. These features can help businesses improve their communication and collaboration, as well as provide better service to customers.
Overall, a fully managed hosted VoIP solution can provide businesses with a range of benefits that can help them improve their communication, increase productivity, and reduce costs. Discover the power of hosted VoIP for business communication needs.

fully featured VoIP service

Our fully-featured VoIP service offers an array of advanced communication features that can enhance business productivity and improve customer engagement.

99.9% uptime 

We’re so proud of our uptime statistics, that we are happy to show you up to 10 year's worth of records. Our downtime also includes scheduled maintenance which is only performed out of hours.

cost-effective service

Our cost-effective hosted VoIP service can provide businesses with a high-quality communication system without the need for expensive hardware or complex IT infrastructure.

24/7 support

24/7 customer support is a critical component of a reliable and efficient hosted VoIP service. With our 24/7 support, you can rest assured that you can always access the technical assistance you need.

Flexible contracts

Flexible contracts are a key benefit of our hosted VoIP service, offering businesses the freedom to choose the terms that best suit their needs.

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