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Assess & Advice – A Holistic approach to IT Services


Businesses thrive on a robust and strategic approach to managing their IT services. At Qcom, we understand the need for constant development with IT services, to keep them adding value. A pivotal role in this process is assessment, evaluating the success of the service compared with business needs. Our commitment to excellence is evident in our proficiency in conducting crucial processes such as network vulnerability assessments, IT site audits, and network security audits, each contributing to the overall effectiveness of a service. From these in-depth audits – we can advice on key next steps to align the service with business needs.

Building a Solid Foundation - IT and Network Audits

An IT site audit involves an on-site examination of hardware, software, and network components, to review the running configurations and practices at the site. The main purpose of these audits is to assess the performance of the systems and create strategic plans to implement security patches. Used in conjunction with a network audit evaluating the effectiveness and efficiency of the network architecture, and with a network security audit identifying areas for optimisation and improvement in device security. Together, these audits lay the foundation for a resilient IT framework, fostering scalability, reliability and streamlined operations.

Exposing Vulnerabilities - Network Risk Assessments

A network security risk assessment is a cornerstone in identifying potential vulnerabilities that could compromise an organisation’s data integrity and operational continuity. This process involves risk and threat detection, as well as a comprehensive analysis of existing measures. Through our network vulnerability assessment, businesses gain insights into potential weaknesses in their network architecture, enabling proactive robust security measures to be implemented to fortify their defences against cyber threats.

As technology continues to advance, embracing a holistic approach to IT service management becomes not only a best practice but a strategic imperative for organisations committed to thriving in the digital age. Partner with Qcom for excellent guidance in the assessment and advise stage of IT services, Contact Us: +44 (0) 203 150 1401 / email:

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