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Beyond Firewalls and security software

We analyse your current practices to identify weak spots in areas for improvement.

Our approach is built around your needs, either holistically
or on priority focus areas.

Network security solutions

Working with Qcom for your IT security solutions and Network infrastructure solutions, means you get a team of highly trained experts who will analyse your current practices for areas of improvement, and then design a solution tailored to you.

Our team can help build the right IT and security solutions for you from the ground up. We ensure that your business has the right IT infrastructure solution to navigate the complex, ever-changing and sometimes threatening aspects of security. Making sure that from the boardroom through to the back office is safe and secure.

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Many IT security consulting companies offer set packages, but not us. Our approach is to build the best IT support for companies either holistically or in priority-focused areas. We aren’t just providing the managed IT security solution for small businesses but large enterprises as well. So, when it’s time to review business IT security solutions, why not chat with one of our cybersecurity experts who can advise you on the best possible security solution for you?

For IT security for business peace of mind, the solution must be robust and all potential weaknesses should be taken into account to keep your business protected.

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Effective security solution must be robust, and all potential weaknesses should be taken into account to keep your business protected.


Having a Vulnerability Management System in place is one of the best ways to secure your network. This means less or no downtime. We identify any network weaknesses or vulnerabilities as they appear and resolve them. Through constant management, you can spot, assess and resolve any security weaknesses that crop up. This allows you to save money in the long run, as you won’t be acting reactively to security weaknesses or issues.
Whilst penetration testing is often confused with a vulnerability assessment, it’s actually different. A penetration test is known as ethical hacking, an authorised simulated cyber-attack on your system to see how secure it is. It’s a practical test to see how well your system would hold up should it ever be attacked. It’s extremely effective in diagnosing real-time issues and weaknesses, ensuring we can patch them up and protect you in an ever-increasing technological world.
We offer vCISO services, which is a virtual Chief Information Security Officer that comes in to support you when needed. We have highly trained and experienced cyber-security experts who are on hand to support you when needed. Hiring a vCISO when needed can often be more cost-effective, not only that, they can work to support your existing team. If your team is overwhelmed and needs some extra support or guidance to lead them in the right direction, our vCISO services are the perfect solution.
There is a myriad of regulations, guidelines and laws that companies must be in adherence to, and they’re constantly changing. Staying compliant can often be timely and costly. We ensure our experts have training in all the newest regulatory releases. This means we can make sure you remain compliant and secure all in one go.
Today’s world revolves around technology, and many businesses rely on it to run their business successfully. Server misconfigurations can lead to security issues and breaches. Web server hardening tackles this. Amongst other things, with this service, we modify the configurations to eliminate any server misconfigurations, and to eliminate means of attack by patching those vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability assessment:

Leverage risk-based assessment
to prioritize imminent and
impactful vulnerabilities.

Security configuration:

Identify configuration drifts and
misconfigurations and bring
them back to compliance.

Web server hardening:

Safeguard your internet-
facing servers from many attacks.

Active port audit:

Identify active ports and
instances where a part
has been activated by
malicious executables.

Patch management:

Automate the entire cycle of
patching to Windows,
Mac, Linux and over
350 third-party applications.

High-risk software audit:

Audit and eliminate the
unauthorized and any
unsupported software
in your network with the
click of a button..

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